McCall puts a positive pop spin on ‘Disaster’

It's the first track from her upcoming project 'On Self-Loathing'...

It’s the first track from her upcoming project ‘On Self-Loathing’…

Atlanta-born and L.A-based, McCall shares her punchy new single ‘Disaster’. The track is taken from her forthcoming new project On Self Loathing’.

Following her impressive debut EP Under The Reign, ‘Disaster’ sees the young artist build upon her sound. Starting with rippling beats, the track soon intensifies by deploying chunky and abrasive synths. It’s all offset by McColl’s commanding vocal.

“‘Disaster’ is a song about shame,” shares McCall of her new track. “Every line was pulled from things that my brain starts whispering to me before I fall asleep, from ‘you don’t take good enough care of yourself, you’re bad at self-love’ to ‘you’re only where you are because you grew up in the upper-middle class suburbs, not because you worked hard or have any talent.’

“It gets exhausting to always be criticizing yourself,” she concludes. “Even if you frame your criticism as ‘tough love.’”

‘Disaster’ is available now.