‘Love Yourself’ is a cathartic and empowering new release from Medeni

The track is from the rising Welsh artist's personal debut EP Late Twenties

The track is from the rising Welsh artist’s personal debut EP Late Twenties

With the release of her expansive new EP Late Twenties, rousing Welsh alternative pop artist Medeni has done a great job of fleshing out and expanding upon her engrossing sound, putting together a collection of tracks that explore her life, her experiences, and the toxic relationships and moments of realisation she’s had along the way.

The EP reaches a satisfying conclusion in the form of the euphoric ‘Love Yourself’, a track that rounds out the release in empowering fashion, shedding any kind of negativity and expectations and celebrating yourself in triumphant fashion. The upbeat poppy charm of the artist’s sound and her soaring vocals do a great job of encapsulating this feeling of catharsis and liberation, and make for a truly iconic and powerful track that sees the artist emerge from all of the experiences from earlier in the EP with a more fully-formed and confident person and artist.