‘Fighting The Dog’ is a stirring and memorable new single from Morning Crush

The track is the engrossing indie-folk project's first release of 2024

The track is the engrossing indie-folk project’s first release of 2024

Having spent the last few years establishing themselves as a steady presence in the UK music scene thanks to their authentic and rousing cocktail of emotional indie-folk and alternative rock, Morning Crush are a band that continue to go from strength to strength, boasting a timeless and vibrant appeal that is easy to gravitate to and find yourself enamoured with.

Their latest single is ‘Fighting The Dog’, a track accompanied with a stellar music video directed by Stranger Things star Amybeth McNulty. The track is the perfect encapsulation of everything that makes their sound feel so rewarding and stirring, finding the perfect balance between soft, thoughtful passages and moments with an emphatic hard rock edge, with each feeling amplified by the juxtaposition to each other. There is a really nuanced sense of composure to Morning Crush that fizzles through the work, and this track maintains that despite its longing and searching nature and the emotional weight that it carries.