‘Money’ is a compelling exploration of conflicting emotions from Irish artist Kynsy

The track is the artist's first single since signing with esteemed indie label Nice Swan Records

The track is the artist’s first single since signing with esteemed indie label Nice Swan Records

Kynsy is an artist who’s immersive alternative pop sound has been lauded for the authenticity and emotion that she pours into it, giving it a really resonating charm that sticks to listeners and makes them feel while also having a catchy and memorable edge musically.

The artist’s latest single and first since the release of her lauded 2022 sophomore EP Something To Do With Love is ‘Money’, a track that paints a vivid and elaborate picture through the depth and atmospheric nature of the artist’s sound. The new single explores past memories and experiences and sees the artist taking listeners on a captivating and rousing journey that is laced full of intricacies as she yearns for something more. The dynamic nature of her sound and effortlessly compelling vocals do a great job of amplifying what is already an instant classic Kynsy and a stellar addition to the Irish artist’s back catalogue.

Speaking ahead of her single release, Kynsy stated: “‘Money’ is a song about the depths of love, nostalgia, and longing, painting a vivid picture of emotional complexity. Through references to past memories, desires for something more, and a mix of conflicting emotions like love, tears, and uncertainty, I explore the intricate journey of the heart. The repeated mantra of “I’ll be okay” and the juxtaposition of swimming and drowning in money hint at a quest for stability and reassurance amidst the emotional whirlwind. Ultimately, my words reflect a personal narrative of love, longing, and the unwavering belief that clarity will come in due time.”