‘Rebel’ is a fiery and relentlessly fun showcase of Issara’s vintage-inspired, soulful charm

The track is from the rising artist's stellar debut album 222

The track is from the rising artist’s stellar debut album 222

With the release of her incredible debut album 222, Issara has confirmed what many suspected of her and continued to showcase the staying power and charm of her soulful and empowering style. The artist’s multi-cultural background of Thai, French, and American influences and her vintage-inspired sound makes for a package that feels entirely her own throughout, empowering, dynamic and full of verve and life.

A highlight of the new album is the effortlessly dynamic and relentless ‘Rebel’, a wonderful showcase of the artist’s fiery and determined spirit that never lets up throughout a three and a half minute duration that absolutely flies by. The album pays homage to women who’ve shaped Issara’s life and takes on a variety of feels and tones throughout as a result, but this track is a straight up riot of a good time that flies off the tracks and revels in it, showcasing the most fun and uninhibited side of the artist’s empowering appeal.