Mouse continues to establish her effortlessly infectious pop sound on ‘Love Me Like You’re Gonna Lose Me’

Mouse shares another piece of her debut EP Angels Never Die

The Bristol artist shares another piece of art from her debut EP Angels Never Die

The reality with contemporary pop is that it lives and dies by the strength and memorability of its chorus. It’s all well and good having beautiful intricate soundscapes and well crafted sounds, but if the apex of the track leaves you feeling underwhelmed then you’re only going to go so far.

Thankfully, new Mouse track ‘Love Me Like You’re Gonna Lose Me’ suffers from no such problem. A rousing track that builds and builds until it climaxes at a chorus that feels both restrained and thoughtful while packing a memorable and incisive edge. The track has a wonderfully unique atmosphere throughout and feels almost futuristic and ethereal at times. A stellar showcase of Mouse and the unmissable uniqueness that she brings to contemporary pop.

The song features co-production from fellow Bristol artist TEEN (Illegal Data), Mouse explains how the collaboration came about:

I went to watch Saaaz’s set at an Illegal Data night in winter 2019 and turned up early, coincidentally catching TEEN’s set before. I’d never seen anyone play with rhythm, pitch and silence the way he can and found it totally captivating. I was so excited when he agreed to work with me and we’ve written more together since this track. We got to know each other throughout 2020 so it’s a real pleasure to share this with him.”