Maida Rose – Harmony of Heartache

Maida Rose's debut single 'Harmony of Heartache' is sent from dream-pop paradise

Maida Rose’s debut single ‘Harmony of Heartache’ is sent from dream-pop paradise

From Dutch seaside city The Hague, Maida Rose are songwriting duo Roos Meijer and Javièr den Leeuw. Their debut release ‘Harmony of Heartache‘ is best described as a dream-pop anthem bathed in a melancholic yet optimistic sound.

On the release, Maida Rose mentioned, “it is one of the very first songs we have ever written, and is part of their upcoming debut album. The album was written & recorded in the attic at our childhood home over a course of five years, and takes you into the emotional world of someone who’s growing up.

‘Harmony of Heartache’ was written as a song of support for someone close to us who was going through depression at the time. It’s meant to bring comfort by acknowledging the dark times, but at the same time highlighting that darkness doesn’t stay forever.”

If you’re a fan of Cigarettes After Sex, Men I Trust or Beach House, this inspiring new duo will be right up your street.

Floating through realms of consciousness, ‘Harmony of Heartache’ is elegant and showcases vibrance in Maida Rose’s future.

Out worldwide tomorrow, you can listen to the track exclusively at the top of this page.

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