‘POWER’ is an empowering and powerful new release from NANO BEY

The track comes following the Norwegian artist's impressive debut single 'GHOSTY'.

The track comes following the Norwegian artist’s impressive debut single ‘GHOSTY’.

With just two releases two her name, rising Oslo artist NANO BEY has already established a signature alternative pop sound that feels as empowering and viscerally exciting as it is melodic and fun.

The latest release from the artist is ‘POWER’, a track that emphasises this empowering edge to the artist’s sound amid a narrative of finding yourself and your inner strength following a difficult period. From the seismic power of the vocals to the emphatic and all-encompassing nature of the soundscape, ‘POWER’ is a track that feels unmistakably huge throughout, showcasing the rising artist at her most inspirational and captivating. NANO BEY’s exciting and memorable style has already shown to be packed full of fun, emotion and charm, and we can’t wait to hear what the artist has in store for us next.

“The concept of power and inner strength mean different things to different people. NANO BEY says of the track. “For me it is the action of being conscious and to prioritise one selves health and being. I hope everyone who listen to this song to feel empowered in their own unique way!”