Four Faces – Old Scars

Dublin group Four Faces share new single 'Old Scars'

Dublin group Four Faces share new single ‘Old Scars’

Dublin group Four Faces release their latest single ‘Old Scars’ and it’s a treasured piece in their discography already.

The new track blends indie rock with pop sensibilities and is an exhilarating anthem that delves into themes of broken relationships and self-reflection.

The chant-like chorus of voices underpinned by a tribal beat is an infectious dance-esque groove layered with vocal and instrumental hooks that propel the song forward.

Recorded and produced at The Clinic Recording Studios, ‘Old Scars’ was mixed and mastered by Aidan Cunningham, who has worked with Four Faces in the past.

Guitarist Eoin Butterfield says that the song started out as a simple electronic beat that he made in his shed, but it soon became an anthem about healing and togetherness with a whole new energy

Armed with self-reflection and determination, this indie track is a hit.