‘I Built It Myself’ is a moving new single from Nicholas Rowe

The track is from the artist's new album The Circle Remains Unbroken. 

The track is from the artist’s new album The Circle Remains Unbroken.

Columbus, Ohio indie-folk singer-songwriter Nicholas Rowe has carved out a reputation for himself as an artist with a brooding, authentic style that feels both timeless but wrought with distinctive, personable appeal.

The artist’s latest single ‘I Built It Myself’ is the second single from his new album The Circle Remains Unbroken, the track bleeds with a real sense of vulnerability and earnesty, as the artist pours out his soul throughout. The artist’s trademark sense of authenticity and honesty is on full display here, a theme that runs throughout the LP, which was recorded mostly in a single day, with a full band and minimal overdubs. Fans of artists like Conor Oberst and Father John Misty will find a lot to love here, and the artist’s blend of personality and classic, folksy appeal breathes a tonne of life into the genre.