NOA navigates letting her guard down in ‘Patience’

It follows this year's earlier single 'Motions'...

It follows this year’s earlier single ‘Motions’…

Following this year’s earlier single ‘Motions’, Toronto pop artist NOA returns with the soothing and laidback sound of new track ‘Patience’.

Opening with wonky keys and a slinky R&B toned bassline, understated beats ground the track as it meanders its way from verse to chorus. Decorated with NOA’s smooth, velvety vocal, ‘Patience’ weaves a lovelorn tale of navigating a blossoming romance after being burnt before.

“This song is an introduction to me and my relationship to love,” explains NOA in a recent chat with Wonderland. “I grew up with divorced parents, which didn’t give me the most ideal picture of love. With ‘Patience’ I dove deep into where my reservations with relationships lie, and the difficulty I had with letting my guard down; which I know is something many of us share.”

‘Patience’ is available now .