‘decay’ is a frustrated and endlessly creative new single from Nxdia

The new release is the focus track from the artist's debut EP in the flesh.

The new release is the focus track from the artist’s debut EP in the flesh.

On the wildly creative and vibrant new single ‘decay’, ever-rising UK-via-Egypt artist Nxdia continues to show why she has grown into one of the more lauded and revered emerging artists around since her 2020 emergence.

The track is packed full of thoughtful ideas and a wide range of emotions. The crux of the lyrics tackles the brutal cost of living crisis that we are currently living through, with the artist expressing exasperated levels of frustration and anger towards it, buoyed by the emphatic, sharp edges of her sound and its dynamic appeal. From its creativity, to its anger, to the artist’s engrossing charisma and personality, ‘decay’ is a statement release from Nxdia, and as the focus track from her new EP ‘in the flesh’, serves as the perfect advertisement for what she has to offer.