NYIKO channels 80s indie in ‘Call The Boys’

It's taken from his new album 'Honesty'

It’s taken from his new album Honesty

NYIKO channels throwback indie with the pop sentiment of The Smiths in new single ‘Call The Boys’. The track is taken from his new album Honesty.

With a croon not dissimilar to Morrissey and an earworm of a guitar line provided by longtime collaborator Niles Gregory, ‘Call The Boys’ is NYIKO’s musing on toxic masculinity and the subliminal societal pressures to uphold it. With a frivolous rhythm and bright and breezy tone, the track shines a hopeful light on the issue and those who aim to resist conforming.

“I wanted to take a hard look at the outdated notions of manhood in American society and how they negatively impact everyone,” shares NYIKO of the new single. “It was important for me to reflect on my own blind spots and to help redefine manliness for young men.

“I believe that much of the violence in our country is a manifestation of internal suffering and insecurity in men,” he continues. “Setting an example of masculinity that champions empathy, self-love, and respect could transform the way our society functions”.

‘Call The Boys’ is available now via Trailing Twelve. All the Bandcamp proceeds being donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters L.A.