Huddersfield singer-songwriter PENNY continues to shine on second single ‘Ur Girl’s Fine’

'Ur Girl's Fine' follows the rising artist's excellent debut release 'Sad Puppy'

‘Ur Girl’s Fine’ follows the rising artist’s excellent debut release ‘Sad Puppy’

Showcasing her unique take on dreamy indie pop, emerging artist PENNY builds off the momentum of her debut release ‘Sad Puppy’ with the thoroughly engaging mid-tempo banger ‘Ur Girl’s Fine’.

Kicking off with an immediately memorable synth refrain, the new single does a fine job of crawling its way into your head and staying there. The track however, is endearing as it is memorable, and PENNY’s effortlessly engaging vocals and vulnerable, candid songwriting invite you into the dream-like world of ‘Ur Girl’s Fine’, making for an experience that finds a way to find a tranquil find of beauty in its often heartbroken narrative.

“When I wrote Ur Girl’s Fine, I was well and truly trapped in a toxic and abusive environment, and the song was just a way for me to romanticize the whole situation; a way to convince myself it was all normal and fine,” Explains PENNY. “I feel sorry for the girl who wrote this song back then, but I also feel so proud of how much she’s grown and changed. Amongst all the bad stuff, Ur Girl’s Fine is the first song that I was lucky enough to work with Will Serfas on, and it seems to have been the OST for a lot of amazing memories with my friends. These days, I like to sing this song as a love note to myself, and to those pals who’ve been there for those sweet, sweet memories.”