‘Offy’ is the latest explosive release from South London’s Play Dead

The track follows the release of the memorable 'Barbershop'.

The track follows the release of the memorable ‘Barbershop’.

Since bursting into 2022 with the emphatic ‘Barbershop’, PLAY DEAD have left us at CLOUT pining for some more of their explosive sounds and witty, relatable lyrics to sink our teeth into.

Luckily, the South London garage rock trio are back, with ‘Offy’ providing us with more of their frenetic, punk-edged charm. The track is as relentless as its predecessor, packed full of biting lyrics and themes that encapsulate the mundane nature of being a young person in the UK and the pointless shit we do to pass the time.

“It’s ‘probably what you’d call the most ‘quintessential’ PLAY DEAD tune we wrote” singer Joe Blair says. “typical hapless 2020 teenagers going out and getting as pissed as possible with mates; just really trying to work out if you’re having the time of your life or actually concluding that this is tragic, and I better bounce.”

Whether trying to work out whether you’re actually having fun or detailing the anxieties of having a bad haircut on their former single, PLAY DEAD have a finger on the pulse of being a young person in the UK, and the trivialities and challenges that come with it.