‘Hoax’ is a brooding and captivating new release from indie pop duo sleepyhead

The track is from the outfit's upcoming EP In Nature.

The track is from the outfit’s upcoming EP In Nature.

Constantly establishing and reinventing their distinctive indie pop sound, Manchester duo sleepyhead have earned the adoration and affection of many thanks to their thought-provoking sounds and lyrics and their immersive DIY approach.

The latest release from the duo is their new single ‘Hoax’, a grungy, low-key affair that moves with a brooding energy. The track sees the duo slow things down compared to a lot of their other releases, instead relying on the track’s atmospheric nature to capture the attention of audiences, something that it does with relative ease. The track is just the latest showcase of the deftness and talent of the duo, their indie pop sound has a tendency to spill into different directions and forms, but their tightness as a duo and eye for an engaging sound ensures that they maintain their core appeal with little to no fuss.