PLGRMS return with the bittersweet ‘Good Friends’

It follows this year's earlier release 'Disappear'

It follows this year’s earlier release ‘Disappear’

Australian duo PLGRMS return with the anthemic electronica of ‘Good Friends’. Their latest track follows this year’s earlier release ‘Disappear’.

Hailing from Sydney, Jacob Pearson and Johnathan Bowden have been making waves with their invigorating electro-pop since they first released ‘Pieces’ and ‘Gemini’ in 2016. As always, their music carries a murky underbelly; whirring synths give the track a coursing energy, whilst bright keys disparately decorate its lighter moments with Pearson’s falsetto highs.

“This song isn’t cryptic. It’s not hiding any double meanings,” shares Pearson of the single. “It’s just about recognising that one of two things could happen. And being friends isn’t one of them.”

‘Good Friends’ is available now.