3x tuk – Divide Me

Seattle based artist 3x tuk releases exhilarating new single 'Divide Me'

Seattle based artist 3x tuk releases exhilarating new single ‘Divide Me’

Seattle based singer-songwriter Eli Bolan, aka the mind behind brilliant project 3x tuk, releases bedroom pop infused single, ‘Divide Me’.

A reflective number that speaks about a toxic relationship, this tarck feels relatable for thousands across the globe who have gone through heartache over the past year.

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Alex G and Elliott Smith, this indie-folk number is bathed in heavy bedroom-pop sensibilities and a DIY production.

Heart wrenching and able to tell a passionate story, ‘Divide Me’ feels vulnerable yet confident in places.

Speaking more about the release, 3x tuk states, “I wrote Divide Me in my dorm room after a period of extreme writer’s block. I had not finished a song in weeks, and I was getting really frustrated about my lack of productivity.

My process for making Divide Me was to just layer guitar tracks over one another, and then add more and more parts as the song went on. I was aiming to combine David Lynchian-style aesthetics with some more common features of indie rock/pop, and I was happy about how it turned out.”

An anthem for people going through heartache but also a track for people who are happy in their own relationship, ‘Divide Me’ has something for everyone.