Adult Programming – YR FAULT

Introspective, fast-paced and lethal, 'YR FAULT' is a chaotic post-punk triumph

Introspective, fast-paced and lethal, ‘YR FAULT’ is a chaotic post-punk triumph

Adult Programming serves as a means for Miami musician and actor AJ Ruiz to exercise his demons through the means of his eclectic brand of fast-paced, well humoured post-punk. ‘YR FAULT’ is one of the projects more visceral and fully loaded examples of this to date. The track sees the artist delve into an introspective analysis of his own psyche, and essentially slaughters himself for his shortcomings in the process.

“YR FAULT is a look at procrastination and its effects on the mental health of young adults.” Adult Programming told us of the track. “When I come up short on a goal I’ve set I find myself going back to self-flagellation rituals. YR FAULT is about pointing the finger at the person who is responsible for all my shortcomings. Me.

Thankfully, the track is bags and bags and bags of fun sonically. From its pulsating bass rhythms to its hyper-active vocals, there is a lot to enjoy from the track among the chaos. ‘YR FAULT’ manages to expertly toe the line between being outlandishly brash and uncompromising while also maintaining a distinctly enjoyable and accessible sound. Not bad for an artist who is literally writing about their shortcomings.