TRISHES – Caffeine

TRISHES is at her dreamy, captivating best on this innovative alt-pop gem

TRISHES is at her dreamy, captivating best on this innovative alt-pop gem

Urban pop artist TRISHES¬†is never one to shy away from overarching concepts in her music, and her latest effortlessly cool single ‘Caffiene’ is the first of a brand new two-part saga from the artist.

The personal track is the first in a story of two halves documenting the rise and fall of a relationship with a sociopath. ‘Caffeine’ is very much about the rise, with a sense of ecstasy and euphoria felt throughout, as the artist blissfully weaves through a narrative of obsession and enchantment.

“I think a lot about how life is just perspective. Not in some kind of positive affirmation sense, but in a real scientific and cold sense. For us, for humans, reality doesn’t exist.” TRISHES told us of the track.

“The human experience is based on the flawed and select senses evolution has endowed us with. ‘Caffeine’ is about someone who changed the way I saw the world. He made me feel big and he made me feel small. He made me feel incredibly anxious and then in turn elated. It bothers me that someone could have such an effect on my outlook, and since the experience the song is based on, I’ve spent a lot of time meditating and trying to master my own mind, and as a result, my reality.”

The expansive artist immerses herself in her work and this reverberates through the track. ‘Caffeine’ is a memorable and captivating track can be hard to pull yourself away from. This is not just music, this is a narrative and a story lose yourself in. It works on a variety of levels, it is stacked full of depth and nuance, but it helps that on the surface it is an elegant and mesmerising fix of alternative pop.

Photo: Jenny Desrosiers