Alana Rich – Faded

Asian-American alt-pop artist Alana Rich releases impressive fourth single 'Faded'

Asian-American alt-pop artist Alana Rich releases impressive fourth single ‘Faded’

Faded” is the latest release from alt-pop songwriter Alana Rich. Kick starting the new year off in the perfect way, Alana’s refreshing vocals guide through the current mist that’s hovering over the world like a rescue light towards safety.

Bathed in a nu-disco sort of production, this impressive single deserves commercial success. During each listen, you get a strong sense of euphoria, and if anything, the euphoric feeling gets stronger with each listen.

Talking about her new release, Alana told us, “At first listen, ‘Faded’ hits you with a glittery, pulsing beat and lyrics of flirtatious possibility. However, the true spirit of this song is not a confession of love, but rather a poetic proclamation about giving into passion, no matter how uncertain or unrealistic the future may be.

Whether it be allowing yourself the freedom to express yourself or pursuing a new relationship, the thrill of putting it all on the table for something you truly want is what I feel leads to greatness. I think most people can relate to the dichotomy between the satisfaction and anxiety of “what-if” that comes with following your heart.

I hope this song encourages the listener to do what makes them happy and most importantly, dance.”

Lyrically golden, the instrumentation of the track is what moves you in further. A track that gives off a real connection to it’s listeners, you can already picture the scenes of a live-show when Alana finally gets to perform this.

“Faded” is best described as unforgettable, and Alana Rich is certainly fuelled with talent.