DejaVilla – Chocolate In Your Pocket

DejaVilla unleash electro-soul anthem 'Chocolate In Your Pocket'

DejaVilla unleash electro-soul anthem ‘Chocolate In Your Pocket’

David Marston and Sarah Couch, aka DejaVilla release glistening new single ‘Chocolate In Your Pocket’. Out today via Ultra Music, the prominent electronic track is drenched in soul, R&B and downtempo sensibilities.

Flowing freely without a care in the world, this free-spirited single showcases the duo’s Jamaican roots while stepping forwards towards an authentic mainstream sound.

Talking about the release itself, DejaVilla told us, “Chocolate In Your Pocket is a song that showcases DejaVilla in our most raw form. The song features a trippy hip hop groove and lush vocals that exude an undisguised and decadent intensity.”

A track that’s bound to leave you dancing around your room with that ‘Friday Feeling’, the energy within ‘Chocolate in Your Pocket’ is global, and something that could speak to millions.

DejaVilla are a long-distance project between London and Kingston, so you could say the latest single has definitely been around the world and back again.

“Chocolate In Your Pocket” is out now for your ears to enjoy. Soulful, funky and inspiring – what more could you want?