Alexa Van – Space

Alexa Van unveils hypnotising new single 'Space'

Alexa Van unveils hypnotising new single ‘Space’

LA-based alt-pop artist Alexa Van unveils her haunting new track ‘Space’.

The ethereal soundscape of the new single is carried by Alexa’s vocals, bewitching any who listen. 

Alexa wanted to express the feeling of gasping for air with this release, which is captured in her wistful vocal line and intense instrumentation. 

Speaking about the release, Alexa Van shares, “Space is the closest I’ve gotten to expressing what it feels like inside my head.”

Alexa developed her sound over the course of the lockdowns during the pandemic, working with producer and partner Joshua Hawksley she moved on from rock music to a more refined alt-pop sound that felt right for the artist. 

Alexa Van released her debut single ‘Never Mine’ in 2021, followed by ‘Not My Problem’ and ‘The X’.

With several releases already under her belt, Alexa Van is bursting with potential.

“Music is my lifeline. I feel like I have a story to tell and I want to find the audience that I can help. Music has helped me immensely, and I want to give back in the same way.” Alexa Van adds.

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