Zhanel – War

Zhanel Unveils AI Music Video for Haunting Pop Track ‘War’

Zhanel Unveils AI Music Video for Haunting Pop Track ‘War’

At just 19 years old, pop riser Zhanel (Ja-nel) is making quite the impression with her unique storytelling.

Today, she reveals the music video for her chilling alt-pop track ‘War’.

The video illustrates the darker side of being consumed by technology in the digital age. Zhanel’s sophisticated vocal style is displayed to great effect on this track from her 2021 record ‘Regrets’.

Her lyrical thinking is the result of her experiences from life. 

War is about not being a follower. Stand up and use your individual voice instead of checking social media and seeing what everyone else thinks.

Be Authentic. And be ok if your opinion of today’s trending topic clashes with the masses. We were all born with voices and a mind capable of critical thinking “  Be true to yourself and keep growing. – Zhanel shares 

With a family history of musicians, music runs in Zhanel’s veins.

Her father is a guitarist and her grandfather Phil Guilbeau – a well-known trumpeter – played alongside Ray Charles and Count Basie.

Zhanel and her producer/ brother Lawrence “50 kiks” Guilbeaux have been producing, composing, and arranging for some time now and bounce creatively off of each other to create a truly unique sound all their own. 

Fan of Billie Eilish and Ruth B, Zhanel converts teenage angst into a bluesy soul we can all appreciate. 

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