‘Lucy’ is the empowering new release from UK electro-pop stalwart Salt Ashes

The powerful track is from the artist's upcoming new album Killing My Mind

The powerful track is from the artist’s upcoming new album Killing My Mind

Salt Ashes is an artist that is at her best when she is at most fierce and uncompromising, and ‘Lucy is a track that showcases just that. The London-based electronic artist is at her hard-hitting and razor sharp best on the track, providing a cutting insight as to the issues that women face with objectification and violence that is perpetrated against women.

Both as a piece of music, and as a social commentary, ‘Lucy’ is a engrossing and affecting work of art. The often brutally candid lyrics reach an apex when the artist defiantly exclaims “You commit a crime” in a moment that feels as cathartic as it does powerful. This is Salt Ashes, and electronic pop at its most vital, making a unflinching, empowering statement against the shameful status quo.

‘Lucy’ represents every woman who has ever been objectified, commodified or had their consent diminished,” explains Salt Ashes. “I knew it would be a difficult subject to tackle, especially with the Sarah Everard case being so raw right now for everyone but behaviours need to change and change starts with a conversation… So we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it.”