Amethysts – My Love

Alt-pop duo Amethysts release breathtaking music video for single 'My Love'

Alt-pop duo Amethysts release breathtaking music video for single ‘My Love’

Alt-pop duo Amethysts have been turning heads ever since their debut release. Returning with the heartfelt music video for single ‘My Love’, this enchanting single has over 177,000 streams on Spotify alone, and that’s no surprise.

Celebrating their anniversary today as well as love in general, the music video for “My Love” is sentimental and emotive. The definition of the emoji with love hearts for eyes, the visuals are tinged with a soft pink colour palette to romanticise further.

On the visuals, the duo mentioned, “It only felt fitting to turn our wedding video into a music video for the song that launched our music career as amethysts.

The song is on our upcoming album along with a bunch of unreleased tracks and a few other tunes of ours. We had plans to release it last year but then 2020 happened. Hopefully we can release it properly this year!

Directed by Jacob Parrot, the visuals lets viewers into the couple’s special day and be a part of their mesmerising journey.

Set to release a debut album this year, Amethysts glittering discography is a helping hand during these dark days.