Ben Kidson – Delicate

Hear Ben Kidson in an acoustic new light on latest ballad “Delicate”

Hear Ben Kidson in an acoustic new light on latest ballad “Delicate”

A wonderful artist with an agenda to be true to themselves? Yes please. Bringing you up to speed, Ben Kidson began as a keen self-taught musician growing up listening to Nirvana, My Chemical Romance and The 1975.

Now singing in his own spotlight, the songwriter found his feet developing pop acts signed to major labels. Feeling that his creativity was being restricted, he began producing his own tracks for himself in his bedroom. Demos upon demos, Ben has released 3 tracks to date and is about to release 4th track “Delicate” worldwide tomorrow.

On the number, Ben stated: “I wrote this one at like 3am, feeling guilty for screwing over someone who had some mental health issues. I wrote it in about 5 minutes, imagining how a conversation with them would go, and what I’d say. Somehow even though the song was initially just going to be called ‘sorry’ it never quite became the apology it was intended to be, rather I spend most of it having a go at myself instead. 

This version that you hear was initially intended to be a demo, but (the producer) Patch & I couldn’t seem to make anything that sounded as good as this, so we stuck with it, and to be honest I love how it’s come out.”

As the last of a four-single release plan, the acoustic ballad sits as an apology. Hearing Ben this honest and personal feels a lot more intimate than his other tracks to date. Stripped back but still including a produced elegance on the vocals, the guitar that sits behind the mix pulsates through like a journey that’s needing constant love.

It’s intense but warming and the powerful single’s vibe is simply, delicate. Another exceptional single from an artist that grows with each release.