Bokito – okok

London based outfit Bokito unleash alternative anthem 'OKOK’ into the wild

London based outfit Bokito unleash alternative anthem ‘OKOK’ into the wild

Blending indie with an alternative pop twist, ‘OKOK’ is Bokito’s latest release. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of artists, the outfit take influence from the likes of J Dilla, Jeff Buckley, Justin Timberlake and Queens of the Stone Age to name a few.

Proving they’re one of those bands you find with true charisma, the infectious collective are clearly stating they’re ones to keep a close eye on.

“OKOK is about pushing people away who don’t give you exactly what you want and subsequently losing them. Be it friendships, partnerships, even family, we all have a history of doing it.

Ben Jackson produced the track and did an amazing job capturing the fragility and insecurity in it. For me, this is the type of song I want to make.” – Moses Moorhouse (Bokito Frontman)

Showcasing a darker message behind the track’s lighter feel, the instrumentation uses contagious rhythms to state the hardship of being pushed away. Just over halfway, the track takes a turn to repetitive mantra like vocals. Using vocals to create a new pulse within the single, ‘okok’ may have different faces, but it highlights itself mainly as a big step forwards in the band’s career.

A stunning range of imagery to come with the track, the whole arrangement of the tune feels like the lovechild of Alt-J and Radiohead. Featuring one of the best productions you’ll hear this week, stick it on your playlist!