Elba Rose – Silhouette

Brighton based indie artist Elba Rose returns with feel-good indie pop track ‘Silhouette’

Brighton based indie artist Elba Rose returns with feel-good indie pop track ‘Silhouette’

Combining delayed guitars with honest vocals, ’Silhouette’ is Elba Rose’s latest offering to the world. A feel good indie track about learning to trust in a relationship, the track’s arrangement is underlined with a nostalgic presence.

Mixing the elegance of electronica with indie pop, Elba’s honest vocals nudge more towards folk music. With layers of sensitivity bathed in the depths of pop, Elba is a songwriter destined for her name in lights.

On the single, Elba mentioned, “I listened back to the demo of this track this week, and it’s crazy to see how far it’s come from just an acoustic guitar and vocal to what is is now. I wrote this track a year ago, it’s about being vulnerable and just learning to let go and trust in a relationship.

I worked on this track over the past 6 months with my producer SOMA to get it to where it is now, musically this track represents a cross over of where I’ve been musically and where I’m going. It’s a great feeling to just get it out there.”

A shadow of honesty, ‘Silhouette’ is Elba’s first single of 2020. Coming at a time where the world needs comfort from music, the enchanting new track breathes with independence.

Longing for those summer nights socialising with friends, the new release feels like that reality isn’t as far away as we think. A stunning soundscape from a songwriter that needs to be played loud.

Elba Rose performs ‘Silhouette‘ for Livestreams w/ CLOUT today at 1pm on Instagram.