Brioni – in my garden

Take a walk on the wild side through Brioni’s vibrant new single ‘in my garden’

Take a walk on the wild side through Brioni’s vibrant new single ‘in my garden’

Combining music and art into her career due to chromesthesia, Brioni is a colourful singer-songwriter bringing exotic electronic pop to the table. Returning with her second release of the year, ‘in my garden’ is bathed with infectious metaphors and stunning imagery.

A captivating scene that’s delicious for each sense, ‘in my garden’ draws you in with it’s unique ability. Teaming up with an organisation planting trees all across the globe, 50% of Brioni’s profile goes to them.

On the track, Brioni mentioned, “It’s an hymn to honesty and realness. Listening to the track is like walking in a garden to clear your mind and realize that acting to please people it’s not the right path to take. Nature has the power of giving you clearness to analyse your actions and realize things about yourself, let’s grown beauty inside us. We do we, and it’s the best thing we can do. Real people will love us for who we are truly, no matter what.”

Listening to the song is like walking “in my garden” made of different phases of my life. The path begins with insecurity and incapacity to feel the right things so the “broken promises” arrive together with breached bonds of trust and dark places, loosing the people you love.

Then, analyzing myself, I understood that I was trying to please those people, but there was no need because they would had love me for who I am, no masks, no tricks. I ask for forgiveness and I offer the “honesty blossom” to change things, promising I will never be that person again. Sometimes is difficult to accept ourselves, but we have to cultivate our garden and nourish it to understand the beauty in it.

Proving she’s a force to be reckoned with in the electronic pop world, in my garden’s inspiration came from Brioni reading a book about the flowers language that’s used to write secret messages. Fascinating her with it’s remarkable meaning, she wanted to use it in a song, and the rest is history.