Broken Chanter – Dancing Skeletons

Broken Chanter is back with pop-rock infused contender 'Dancing Skeletons'

Broken Chanter is back with pop-rock infused contender ‘Dancing Skeletons’

Scottish artist Broken Chanter returns with hard-hitting new single ‘Dancing Skeletons’.

Armed with a light-hearted production and arrangement, the lyricism is quite the opposite.

Musically endearing and jiving forwards with a fast-paced attire, ‘Dancing Skeletons’ is quick off the mark and refuses to be left on any old back-burner.

Revealing the message behind the track, Broken Chanter shares, “The spectre of death that been looming intensely over most of us for the past 18 months has been seen as a wealth creation opportunity by the absolute worst folk blighting the surface of this planet.

A danse macabre used to serve as a reminder that you cannae take it with you. It’s time to organise and take meaningful action to disrupt and end the obscene disaster capitalism that’s going to be the end of us all, and eject from high office the disingenuous, venal muppets hellbent on stoking division, demonising the vulnerable, and lining their own pockets.”

A humble single that will leave you dancing around your room, ‘Dancing Skeletons’ is  easily one of the strongest tracks of October.