Cornerstone – Private Eyes

Cornerstone reminisce on the 80s with 'Private Eyes'

Cornerstone reminisce on the 80s with ‘Private Eyes’

The signed, Austrian melodic rock band ‘Cornerstone’ are back with their new single “Private Eyes”, changing the game and bringing a modern edge to influenced 80’s groove.

Private Eyes hits home with some very personal and sensitive topics, surrounding being stalked. Michael, head of the band (lyricist) exclaims it’s “a topic which troubled me for over a year.

In the beginning I found it a bit strange, to get stalked by someone, and I even had some laughs about it. During this time, it caused bad dreams and sleepless nights.

There was one point, at which I’ve got 8 incoming phone calls within an hour from the person, plus an accumulation of messages overnight”. The track, in effect, spreads awareness on controversial events happening to men.

Reinforced  by British singer Elena Atkinson, the single was produced in an ongoing collaboration with Harry Hess  (GRAMMY-winning).

The band has toured the US, had a number of appearances at UK and European festivals – truly making their mark in the worldwide live music scene.