Daimy Lotus – Over You

Daimy Lotus reveals explosive new release 'Over You'

Daimy Lotus reveals explosive new release ‘Over You’

Rotterdam-based singer/songwriter Daimy Lotus shares her latest single “Over You”.

Released via Amersterdam-based independent record label New Ams, the track sees the fierce songwriter reprise her pop brilliance with a glossy yet defiant cut drenched in unapologetic attitude.

An explosive pop offering built with addictive electric guitar lines and punchy bass beats, “Over You” revels in its pristine production to narrate the emotions surrounding a partner’s ex-girlfriend’s refusal to cut ties.

“I don’t want her to want you the way that I do”, Daimy sings over an upbeat backdrop of crashing drums and bold melodies.

A declaration of her unabashed feelings towards her partner, the track expels any notion that might allow the ex-girlfriend to reclaim her status and weave her way back into her so-called fairytale.

“‘Over You’ is about that annoying ex-girlfriend who thinks your man is still her happy-ever-after,” explains Daimy.

“And you convince yourself you’re not thinking about her but you’re actually super annoyed with her being everywhere all the fucking time, stalking you on social media and all that.”