Ell Ivy – Did You Love Me?

Independent alt-pop star Ell Ivy soars on sombre new effort 'Did You Love Me?'

Independent alt-pop star Ell Ivy soars on sombre new effort ‘Did You Love Me?’

Ell Ivy‘s star has been growing at a remarkable rate since the result of debut single ‘Still Dreaming’ last year. Fortunately, her follow-up, the heartbreaking ‘Did You Love Me?’ manages to amp up the emotion while holding onto all of the pop appeal.

The track is as much of a journey as it is a song, as you are guided by Ell through the narrative of somebody questioning a past relationship, and looking for answers. ‘Did You Love Me?’ is an excellent platform for Ell Ivy to showcase the nuance and gravity of her songwriting, and sees her emerge as someone capable of immersing her audience inside her captivating and heart-wrenching narrative.

“Did You Love Me is an inner monologue from a broken relationship” Ell told CLOUT. “It’s a song I had always wanted to write! Its about the end of a toxic relationship and never truly knowing whether the love was real or if it was just pretend.”

There is an atmospheric rawness to the track that elevates this sense of reality and emotion. This is an example of a situation and a moment in time being perfectly captured in musical form. The track resonates through its almost brutally candid honesty, and is sure to strike a chord with listeners alike.

‘Did You Love Me?’ is a real treat from Ell Ivy, and it would be no surprise at all if this is just merely the start of a climatic rise to bigger things for the artist.

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