FOUNDRY13 – Lead Culture

Alternative indie-pop two piece FOUNDRY13 release latest single 'LEAD CULTURE'

Alternative indie-pop two piece FOUNDRY13 release latest single ‘LEAD CULTURE’

Lead Culture‘ is the next in a series of singles from FOUNDRY13. Coated with a retro-pop aura, the new single blends uplifting indie pop with a gentle fuse of rock in the mix.

Smashing the industry one release at a time, FOUNDRY13 have released 9 singles in total this year, and there seems to be no slowing down for the duo either.

FOUNDRY13 told us, “LEAD CULTURE is a song which we wrote last summer about societal views on topics people find hard to address. The song follows the speaker talking about how they find it impossible to express their emotions when everyone around them doesn’t care.

We want to highlight throughout the song that life is too short to not be yourself and to care what people think about you, so why care? just be you. We hope people can connect with this song and understand that there are people just like them, going through similar things, knowing that they are not alone.”

Dynamic and captivating, ‘Lead Culture’ is effortless. A natural when it comes to music, FOUNDRY13 will become your new favourite discovery of the month.

‘Lead Culture’ is out NOW! Add it to your playlists, it’s sure to make you dance around your room.