Future Cavemen – Flowers

Somerset band Future Cavemen unveils new single 'Flowers'

Somerset band Future Cavemen unveils new single ‘Flowers’

Third in a series of singles to come from Future Cavemen, ‘Flowers’ is a gorgeous offering in bloom to becoming a household hit.

Ahead of their debut EP that is due to drop on November 19th, the release was recorded at Squarehead Studios in Kent, self-produced by singer-songwriter Joe Tennant and mixed by Kristofer Harris.

Joe Tennant shares, “I don’t like to spend too long on anything or take things too seriously. The spirit in which a song is performed is contagious, so if it’s not fun we don’t do it.”

Armed with a nostalgic soundscape that nudges artists such as Blur and Beck, ‘Flowers’ blossoms from start to finish.

Highly contagious and a track that deserves to be stuck on repeat, the new offering from Future Cavemen deserves wide recognition.

Having only been releasing music for a short amount of time, Future Cavemen already sound like music legends.

Immersive and original – what’s not to like?