Singer-songwriter HEIGHTS shares the exceptional EP 'Glow'

Singer-songwriter HEIGHTS shares the exceptional EP ‘Glow’

For your ears worldwide tomorrow everywhere, you can enjoy HEIGHTS’ new EP here exclusively.

Creating a unique blend of emotive bedroom-pop that could soundtrack any indie coming-of-age film, the solo artist has built a growing hype which has seen her establish herself as one to watch.

Born out of instability, documenting the highs and lows of new love, navigating changing friendships, deteriorating mental health, and losing grip on once-important lifelines, the EP offer’s 4 infectious soundscapes topped with HEIGHTS’ ever personal and relatable storytelling.

Speaking about the EP, HEIGHTS explains: Releasing this EP feels like I’m finally closing the heavy door on that tumultuous time of my life. Living through it was tough, and while recording was challenging, it was also cathartic and necessary.

I’m now ready for the final part of the healing process, and that’s why releasing it now feels like the best time. I want to feel empowered and feel that glow and find the light at the end of the tunnel.”

The album’s title track and lead single ‘GLOW’ is a prime example of HEIGHTS’ work. Lo-fi beats, warming layers of synth, atmospheric vocal samples, subby bass and silky smooth vocals delivering a sumptuous and affecting electronic-pop sound. 

This EP is never leaving my household.