Hunger Moon – Promises

Folk-pop two piece Hunger Moon explore new territory in dual vocal single ‘Promises’

Folk-pop two piece Hunger Moon explore new territory in dual vocal single ‘Promises’

Hunger Moon compromise of vocalist Natalie Jenkins and multi-instrumentalist James Attwood. Creating a soundscape of heartfelt folk mixed with the subtleties of indie music, their new single promises to draw you in with it’s warm, delicacy.  Bonding over their love for Jeff Buckley, the duo intertwine emotive lyrics with angelic instrumentation, suited for your easy-listening playlist.

James Attwood of Hunger Moon told us, “We’re so excited to finally be able to share Promises! I remember really vividly writing this one way back in January of last year and feeling the urge to sing along with Nat in the pre-chorus. Really glad I did – it’s always a super nice intimate moment in our live set and goes down a treat!

Promises is such a beautiful track – it’s funny to think that despite its calm nature, it lyrically addresses and comes from a place of frustration”

Self produced in the comfort of James’ bedroom, the organic feel to this narrative makes it ten times more real. Consisting of sincere lyricism, the single details a relationship going sour and trying to hold onto something that needs letting go.

Natalie Jenkins accounts the diminishing of a past relationship, “Little promises kept getting broken, causing a lack of trust between us. The relationship began to feel less ‘real’ and more of a label”.

‘Promises’ is a genuine, melancholic pop number that flows with pure beauty.

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