Jeremy Schmett – Justice

Songwriter and producer Jeremy Schmett releases his debut single ‘Justice’

Songwriter and producer Jeremy Schmett releases his debut single ‘Justice’

LA based singer-songwriter Jeremy Schmett unleashes his emotive debut ‘Justice’ into the wild. Still at the beginning of his career, this artist will soon be turning heads with his irresistible swirling production.

Jeremy says, “On June 1st I was supposed to start promotion for my debut single but given the state of the world, it felt gross to self promote. Instead I stayed up all night writing and producing a different song, Justice.

It came from a place of sadness and anger after watching the video of George Floyd’s murder and countless other instances of police brutality.

I’ve always been aware of my privilege – but I’ve actively spent the last month watching, listening, learning and trying to understand what it truly means to be an ally.

100% of Justice streams will be donated to the Bail Project, an organization aimed at combating mass incarceration in the United States.”

Fusing an electronic felt production with the realness of psychedelia, ‘Justice’ will go down in Jeremy’s history as important. A soundscape highlighting significance, Jeremy’s music needs to be heard far and wide.

Coming from a place of sorrow, ‘Justice’ is relevant and shouldn’t never pushed to the back. Jeremy Schmett’s debut is emotive and has purpose, stream the release and be mesmerised by it’s radiant arrangement.