Juniper – Driving

Alt-pop trio Juniper return with blissful music video for new release 'Driving'

Alt-pop trio Juniper return with blissful music video for new release ‘Driving’

Following the release of their debut album, ‘Distance Keeps Me Distant’ in late June, the alt-pop trio Juniper return with a blissful music video for the lead track from the album ‘Driving‘.

The video follows Juniper frontman, Scott Johnson, as he cruises down the street alongside featured singer Claudia – watch out for the appearances from drummer Alejandro Marín and guitarist Ahren Shreeve.

The video perfectly captures the soulful and carefree vibe of the track and makes it a must-add to your driving playlist!

‘Driving’ is the perfect display of how Juniper traverse across different genres and diverse instrumentation, with glossy beats, soulful vocals and an unforgettable hook.

For Juniper, making music is more than just a choice, it’s the most genuine way they feel they can convey their beliefs and experiences that they engage with every day in meaningful ways.

With an array of different emotions shining through in Juniper’s music, there is an overall takeaway that with its highs and lows, love is not something to be taken for granted.

Inspired by how music has the power to connect with people but also to ignite change in communities, Juniper have aspirations to use their platform to give back what music gives them.

On making the album, Juniper share, “Distance Keeps Me Distant is about the nature of relationships and how at our age, often it is the only source of life-altering experience.

Whether it be a relationship with a romantic partner, family & friends, yourself, or the world around you, how we experience relationships has profound effects for growth.When COVID-19 changed the world, the nature of relationships changed with it.

People were forced to be distant, and as a result of this “new normal,” people became complacent with being ~distant. It invited an excuse to stay in the house and to revel in alone-time. However, that changed us, maybe even just subconsciously, but there is a change.

These ten songs were written over the course of college and through the pandemic, and that progression is evident as the album flows onward. Even though the nature of relationships temporarily changed, perhaps it also made aware a reality that was already present.

One thing is for certain, Distance Keeps Me Distant.”

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