Krispel – Vibrance

TikTok icon Krispel unveils hypnotic new anthem 'Vibrance', and it's fuelled with colours

TikTok icon Krispel unveils hypnotic new anthem ‘Vibrance’, and it’s fuelled with colours

New Jersey native Krispel is back with brand new single, ‘Vibrance‘, taken from his forthcoming debut EP.

A track filled with colour and that radiates positivity, Krispel’s down to earth is portrayed perfectly throughout the new single.

A social media creative with over 1.2 million followers on TikTok alone, Krispel’s name deserves to be in lights.

“Vibrance” was born after a producer discovered Krispel’s music on the popular social media platform, and the rest is simple history.

Best described as somewhere in between hip-hop and rap, there’s fragrances of pop buried within its core.

Sharing his thoughts on the incredible ‘Vibrance’, Krispel explains, “Vibrance is one of those songs that grabs everyone’s attention in the room until it’s over. It resonates a spontaneous and energetic frequency into the listeners world.

The tempo keeps a head banging pace, while the instrumentation and flow of the vocals makes the listener make the face. You know the face (: ”

Enchanting and armed with bright synthesisers, Krispel’s glistening vocals glide throughout the release with grace.

Stick the track on your playlist and be transported into a world filled with positivity energy – you know you want to.