KOATES – Somebody New

Captivating artist KOATES releases honest and intimate debut single 'Somebody New'

Captivating artist KOATES releases honest and intimate debut single ‘Somebody New’

South London native KOATES is straight off the mark with mesmerising debut single, ‘Somebody New’.

In collaboration with Edd Holloway (Lewis Capaldi, Dean Lewis), the debut features heart on sleeve lyricism and a powerful electronic-pop soundscape.

Born from the frustration of letting go of someone who once meant the world to you, ‘Somebody New’ is an honest interpretation of modern-day love.

Talking about his creative process for the track, he says, “I am a naturally nocturnal artist and for whatever reason I never question it, my best hours of creative song writing come through the night and very often in my dreams.

‘Somebody New’ was no exception. I recorded my vocals in my room at 4am. I am a nightmare to live with. I wrote ‘Somebody New’ at a time when I found myself desperate to return to an ex-lover.

I noticed that I was looking for her traits in everyone new that I met and the lyric ‘now I feel like all I do is try to find you in somebody new’ is for her. In fact it’s for all of us that we recognise that we may have made a big mistake”.

Painfully relatable yet resilient and independent, ‘Somebody New’ involves KOATES performing the track straight from the heart.

Nostalgic and refreshingly all at once, ‘Somebody New’ is an unforgettable debut.