lotusbliss – Reculver

DIY indie outfit lotusbliss explore ethereal ground in 'Reculver'

DIY indie outfit lotusbliss explore ethereal ground in ‘Reculver’

Indie outfit lotusbliss consist of three brothers, and you can definitely hear their family bond throughout their sound.

Armed with chemistry and passion straight from the introduction, ‘Reculver’ is an ethereal offering of optimism.

Taken from their sophomore EP, which is also out worldwide tomorrow, ‘Reculver’ is the fourth track from the captivating release.

Speaking about their release, lotusbliss state, “The song is concerned with the idea of memory – or more specifically how our memories evolve into alternative versions of reality as time passes by, coloured with nostalgia and the distorted perspective of childhood where muddy banks become mountains and trickling streams raging rivers.

There’s a sadness that comes with growing up where things aren’t quite as colourful and fantastic as they were when you were younger. Revisiting places with an intense and precious memory carries the risk of corrupting those pure feelings you had archived in your mind towards them. Alternatively, you might find that those feelings, revisited, evoke the same joy – the risk may well be worth it. 

Building with momentum and jiving through realms of euphoria, “Reculver” is coated with unexpected rhythms and melancholic shimmers.

Made up of unapologetic and emotional tracks, the new EP is a real contender in the underground world, and will certainly give lotusbliss the recognition that they deserve.