‘Ghost’ is a new banger from unerringly consistent UK indie rock outfit Sarpa Salpa

The track is from Sarpa Salpa's sophomore EP A Feeling You Can’t Replace.

The track is from Sarpa Salpa’s sophomore EP A Feeling You Can’t Replace.

Always the first people to sing the praises of UK indie pop/rock outfit Sarpa Salpa, it’s safe to say that we are buzzing about the release of brand new EP A Feeling You Can’t Replace and new single ‘Ghost’.

The track is vintage Sarpa Salpa, featuring irresistibly catchy hooks, the outfit’s characteristically sunny sound, and packed full of memorable, fun passages. The outfit just do not make bad tracks. Sarpa Salpa are an absolute riot, and ‘Ghost’ is further evidence that the act are one of the most slept on outfits in the UK indie scene.

“GHOST is quite simply about the complexities of being in a relationship with somebody who is already committed to somebody else.” The outfit have said of the track. “It’s based very literally on a real experience and encompasses all of the jealousy, confusion, bitterness and heartbreak that was felt during that time. The chaotic nature of the music kind of reflects the turbulence of the situation and I think you really feel the intensity of those feelings not just through the lyrics but through the frenzied tangle of instruments and vocals. It’s quite a frantic listen but I think that just throws you into the turmoil of being in love with someone who only loves you back in secret.”