Lōwli – Otherworld

Irish artist Lōwli mesmerises in gorgeous new release 'Otherworld'

Irish artist Lōwli mesmerises in gorgeous new release ‘Otherworld’

Recorded in Dublin’s Camden Studios with minimal instrumentation and production, ‘Otherworld’ is a wonderfully introspective collection of ambient vignettes that are filled with harmonically gorgeous interplay throughout.

A triumphant release that will go down in Lōwli’s discography as legendary, ‘Otherworld’ definitely takes us to another world.

Title track ‘Otherworld’ combines elegant piano tones with cinematic strings and haunting vocals, whilst instrumental tracks ‘Epiphany’ and ‘Rise’ allow Lōwli to showcase her abilities as a truly compelling composer.

Talking about the EP, Lōwli elaborates, “it was written back in 2020, in the months after the first lockdown.

At this point, the live music industry had essentially stopped. I think lots of us were feeling a sense of hopelessness as a result of being unable to work or perform live for so long, along with the isolation and lack of human connection that came with it.

I wanted to emulate a ‘live’, vulnerable sound with reference to the fact that we had been deprived of a live music experience for so long. Many moments within the EP are raw and imperfect. Instead of clean, perfectly produced tracks, there’s more of a focus on vulnerability and the idea of a collective experience”