Lycio – Strange Shapes

Electro pop trio Lycio are back with their new single 'Strange Shapes'

Electro pop trio Lycio are back with their new single ‘Strange Shapes’

Out everywhere tomorrow, ‘Strange Shapes‘ is the latest release from alt-pop trio Lycio. Released via their own label ‘Lycio Records’, the new single is expressive and showcases Genie’s mesmerising vocals.

On the new release, Genie mentions, “Strange Shapes has quite a few themes within it if I’m completely honest. All my life I’ve never felt I’ve fully belonged anywhere and often joke that I think I’m really an alien and not human at all, so that’s a recurring theme throughout the song. As with a few of our other songs, this song makes reference to my ongoing battle with my mental health, paranoia and manic tendencies.

I threw a lot of emotion into this track and tried to personify what goes on in my head in the process. Although this song was written a while ago now, the lyrics and content are still so fresh and relatable for me, and I hope more than anything that other people can relate with it too.”

‘Strange Shapes’ is a shapeshifting number that transports listeners through different influences.

Entering with reverse modulation and captivating vocals, the track blossoms into a piano-led anthem.

Side by side with a vibrant arrangement, the track features pulsating, off-beat rhythms, infectious synthesisers and one hell of a powerful voice.

‘Strange Shapes’ drops tomorrow, and will be sure to steal your attention.

Photo credit: Evolvedstep