Mae Krell – garden

“Garden” tells the story of leaving negativeness in the past and the type of growth that only comes with time.

Mae Krell returns after a year long hiatus with the mellow yet meaningful ‘garden’

20 year-old songwriter Mae Krell plummeted onto the scene back in 2016 and everyone’s been engaging with their music ever since. Touching on vulnerable parts but making listeners feel comforted by their music, “garden” is the latest offering from the wonderful New Yorker.

Excited to share their new single, ‘garden’ was recorded and produced by Joey Auch (Rachel Platten, Nick Deutsch, Decora) and tells the story of leaving the past behind you and growing stronger as a person. 

‘”garden” was written during a time of rebirth and new beginnings in my life that I wasn’t really ready for at the time. It’s about how all of those feelings manifested; anxiety, fear, worry, and not trusting that I would be able to live my life without the negative things that I was so used to. It’s a song about growth, pain, and how time really does heal if you’re able to trust, surrender, and learn from your past’, stated Mae.

Portraying that true singer-songwriter atmosphere, ‘garden’ blossoms into a beautiful rose with each listen. Mixing folk with pop, the arrangement is a tear-jerker yet makes you feel warm from it’s pure honesty. Mae Krell returns stronger than ever and we’re so happy they’re back.