Mikey Shy – Hella Blessed

Mikey Shy releases inspiring visuals for single ‘Hella Blessed’

Mikey Shy releases inspiring visuals for single ‘Hella Blessed’

Taken from his ‘Healing?’ EP, ‘Hella Blessed’ has been released as a single to the world. Mikey Shy is an artist with a unique past behind him. Currently deaf in his right ear, due to an ongoing condition, Mikey’s inspirational music details his own experiences and turns his pain into true art. An artist that is destined for greatness, ‘Hella Blessed’ is an uplifting single to help reassure anyone during the current climate.

Mikey’s passionate message is inspiring fans across the world. He told us, “2020 might feel like we’re going through a Hell that is never going to end but one thing is for certain, we will come out of this stronger, wiser and with more humility.  We’re more than blessed.

‘Life was full of drama many episodes, Many Tests before my testimony’

‘Made it through the Fire, Call it HELLA BLESSED’

Passionate and on a whole other level to his previous work, Mikey Shy’s ‘Hella Blessed’ is a motivational spirit that’s destined for number one. With visions of gratitude in the mix, the visuals for the memorable number takes the song and makes it visually an exceptional journey.

A stunning R&B meets electronic soul single that will sit on a golden throne in Mikey’s discography for years to come.