Molly Hammar – Shortcuts (I Can’t Wait)

The Swedish chart-topping sensation Molly Hammar debuts her stunning new visuals in ‘Shortcuts (I Can’t Wait)’

The Swedish chart-topping sensation Molly Hammar debuts her stunning new visual movement in ‘Shortcuts (I Can’t Wait)’

Molly Hammar – aka the Swedish goddess that brings a whole new face to RnB – returns with the stunning visuals for ‘Shortcuts (I Can’t Wait)’.

Co-written with Professor P (Avicii, Daniel Adams-Ray) and produced by PARO (Dua Lipa, Alicia Keys, Paloma Faith), the track opens with a soft essence. Molly’s latest offering opens up further into her songwriting journey. Up, close and personal, the vocals captivate through honesty about the ongoing struggles of living up to expectations and chasing your dream. Through the visual movement, this is unlike any of Molly’s videos to date; it flows easily and completely will capture your gaze. 

Visually, the video takes us through exceptional shots of Molly performing the track straight into the camera lens. Interacting with the camera and refusing to be ignored, the video uses a wide spectrum of a soft colour palette. Born to be in front of the camera and featuring the voice of a pure angel, the performance illustrates an artist simply taking shortcuts to fulfil ones destiny.

Filled with avenues of struggles, there’s a level of frustration in the track and the video. Longing for more, the empowering message to never give up on your dreams, even if it means taking the long road, is truly exceptional. 

“Rami is a good friend of mine and I’ve wanted to work with him for a long time,” shares Hammar of her new visuals. “So it was an honour having him on the video project, especially since this song is very personal and close to my heart. I think we created something very real and it expresses the raw emotions of the song perfectly” .

‘Shortcuts’ is available now via Cosmos Music. Molly Hammar’s new EP is to be released in 2020.