Moodbay – My Thing

Electro pop duo Moodbay return with authentic number 'My Thing'

Electro pop duo Moodbay return with authentic number ‘My Thing’

Out worldwide tomorrow, ‘My Thing‘ is the latest release from electro-pop two-piece Moodbay. 

Taken from their forthcoming EP ‘Somewhere Under The Moon’, the new single is an authentic release that highlights Moodbay taking their music to the next level.

“My Thing” struts onto the scene with hypnotic harmonies, a soulful groove and refreshing synthesisers.

If this track doesn’t get you at least swaying to its addictive beat, you’re listening to it all wrong. Entirely original and stating to always be true to yourself, ‘My Thing’ is carefree.

Speaking about their release, Moodbay tell us, “We’re really proud of this one. It’s the first step in a new chapter for us. We’re releasing it independently and have had full creative control for the first time in our career!

This is a feel-good track with a retro groove taking inspiration from Daft Punk’s ‘Instant Crush’, and we had a lot of fun filming the video too. There’s a host of larger-than-life personalities involved and the whole thing just feels right for the times.”

Stating to always be unique, ‘My Thing’ is the empowering number we all need right about now.